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Resentments among Advocates at ludhiana

Resentments among Advocates at ludhiana



Few senior and junior advocates have complained that inspite of charging Rs. 550 for the development of courts complex, nothing has been provided as facility to advocates till date.

Approximately, there are 2200 members of the Bar Council of ludhiana and if they pay Rs. 550 per year to the Bar Council of ludhiana, it comes to Rs. 12,10,000 per year. There are only 8 floors in Ludhiana courts complex and if the authorities spend  Rs. 1 lac per floor every year even then it will be more than sufficient but very sorry to state that there is no arrangement of drinking water and toilets.

One thing more is common in the community of advocates:-

* if the payments done by the plaintiffs/defendants is taken in calculation on account of legal expenses/court fees in all respects of all the cases in court.

* It is calculated that it comes to more than crore of rupees per year but what facility  legal authorities are providing to the advocates and effective clients.


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