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Bullock Cart race shown a red flag at Kila Raipur

Bullock Cart race shown a red flag at Kila Raipur

Kila Raipur martial art

Kila Raipur martial art

Kila Raipur games known as  the “Olympics of Punjab” state, have started from 9th Feb, 2012. People from far off places come to participate with zeal and enthusiasm. Number of spectators come to encourage the participants and enjoy the game.

The government has banned holding of bullock cart races due to which the big issue has emerged and the organisers have suspended the bullock cart race.

This has disappointed the participants of bullock cart racing, who spend alot of money and efforts to train bullocks for races. So they have filed a petition to honourable Punjab and Haryana High Court to allow them to hold bullock cart races.

Bullock Cart Racing

Bullock Cart Racing

In this context, Rahul Tewari, Deputy Commissioner has been directed by the Court to take up the matter.

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