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Ludhiana Gedi Route # 2 - OyeLudhiana

Ludhiana Gedi Route # 2

Few days back I wrote about “Ludhiana Gedi Route #1” and talked about early school days. Well, thanks to the amazing response by oyeludhiana fans.

Yesterday (Sunday), while polishing my enfield and getting ready for Gedi (which is must on Sunday), I became nostalgic.

I was lost in the memories of those old days ,when I was in the 10th standard and after skipping my meals and continuous fasting for 2 days ,my father agreed to buy me a scooter.

I was quite satisfied with scooter, undoubtedly I wished for a bike, but still it was hundred times  better than that of a Bicycle :p and above all my main motive was accomplished (i.e. to go on gedis)

After getting a scooter, I was feeling like a bird who is going to fly for the first time in its life. When I was on my first gedi, I was very excited and also astonished to see the never endings roads of ludhiana city.

Ludhiana chetak

Ludhiana Gedi Route # 2

Due to the lack of experience and that of maturity, I could not follow the college girls and it was just the beginning, so I decided better to choose the other routes than that of girls’s colleges.

Ludhiana Gedi Routes #2

Sarabha Nagar Convent —>  Ghumar Mandi –> Mall Road –> Pakhowal Road –> Back to Sarabha Nagar Convent


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