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Dugri at a Glance

Dugri at a Glance

Dugri, formed around few years back, only few houses were developed in past and one could notice only few residents in that place. Over a decade has passed and the area has shown manifold growth in very short period of time.

One of the noticeable things is establishment of very good schools in the locality that is BCM School, Sat Paul Mittal School, MGM Public School.

The development has taken place in very short period of time and mostly the area is having facilities like sewage, lights, shopping places and easy accessibility to the market.



The market of phase-I, Dugri has already come up with well known brands and eating joints like Pizza Hut, Dominos, Basant Restaurant and many more. HDFC bank has also started its operations in the market by setting up a branch last year or two.

The market attracts awesome crowd, mostly parking is full in evening and there is no parking space   at weekends.


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