Fashion mix with changing trends

April 29, 2012
Trendy Clothing

Ludhiana has looked upto metropolitan trends and is upcoming as a renowned fashion hub not only in State but also North india. Chandigarh which is considered trendy UT, Ludhiana is giving neck to neck competition to Chandigarh and neighboring places also. If we look behind few years back, people use to go to city shops and famous spot among them was Chaura Bazar, Maujpura Bazar, Gurh Mandi etc. whereas nowadays the trend is changing and Ludhianvis are going mad for brands “Kadey Gucci Kadey Prada” [...]

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Fashion and You with changing Time

April 16, 2012
Fashion Trends

Few days back I wrote about ” Trends Easily Adapted by People in the City of Ludhiana “. Well thanks to the visitors of for showing such a good response. Today I am going to talk something about the new trends that have not only entered the city of Ludhiana but also shown a good adaptability by the Ludhianvis.  The Fashion industry is evolving at a very high pace due to internationalisation and highly globalised market. The clothes designed in one country, manufactured in [...]

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Trends Easily Adapted by People in the City of Ludhiana

February 5, 2012
Fashion Trends in Ludhiana

Yesterday I wrote about “Shopping freaks in Ludhiana” and how they spend lavishly on branded apparels. Well, thanks to the amazing and famous shopping destinations in Ludhiana where you can easily find our youth and shopping freak aunties anytime of the day. Today I am going to talk more about the new trends that have just entered the city of Ludhiana and how well the Ludhianvis have adopted to the changing fashion trends. With winters just about to end, the people of Ludhiana are heading [...]

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Ludhiana Shopping Destinations

February 2, 2012

Gone are the days when it was considered that ‘Beauty is only skin deep’  i.e ‘how a person looks is less important than his character’ as now the 1st and  foremost thing that matters is the looks and looks only. When it comes to the people of ludhiana, most of them are born with the silver spoon in their mouth so they are very extravagant when it comes to shopping. They are very brand conscious. The tag of the brand matters alot , after all it [...]

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