Want To Gift Something Special – Visit Archies

January 29, 2013

Ludhiana is a city of shopping freaks. Even I am one of them . People love shopping for themselves and for their loved ones. When to shop for gift someone something special, Archies is the best place. Archies is New Delhi based international company for gift items. Archies has its presence in near about 120 cities and 6 countries. It was formed in 1979 by Anil Moolchandani. The company was listed at National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock exchange in 1998 as ’Archies Limited’.     Archies started with manufacturing and [...]

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Caliber Plaza – AC Market Ludhiana

January 25, 2013

Jiyo Life King Size – This is the funda we follow. Ludhianvis are crazy about shopping. Though Ludhiana has big malls and open markets but there are some places in Ludhiana which are first of its kind. Caliber plaza (AC market) is one place like that. Few years back, Ludhiana city was not having big malls like MBD for shopping, there were shopping places like Maujpura Bazar, Chaura Bazar, Ghumar Mandi, Ghanta Ghar and other good markets in Ludhiana. Over the past few years, most of the [...]

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Departmental Stores in City

January 22, 2013

Ludhiana has many places to shop for day to day needs or home products and electrical appliances. Lifestyle in the city has changed since last few years. There are many departmental stores in the city where one can go to shop for shopping. There are international stores like Reliance, Easy Day, MORE and local departmental stores like Guptas Departmental, Mani Ram Balwant Rai and ‘Veekay Fair price’. The concept of departmental store started with ‘Subhiksha’ and trend of shopping for daily life changed since then. [...]

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Fashion mix with changing trends

April 29, 2012
Trendy Clothing

Ludhiana has looked upto metropolitan trends and is upcoming as a renowned fashion hub not only in State but also North india. Chandigarh which is considered trendy UT, Ludhiana is giving neck to neck competition to Chandigarh and neighboring places also. If we look behind few years back, people use to go to city shops and famous spot among them was Chaura Bazar, Maujpura Bazar, Gurh Mandi etc. whereas nowadays the trend is changing and Ludhianvis are going mad for brands “Kadey Gucci Kadey Prada” [...]

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Fashion and You with changing Time

April 16, 2012
Fashion Trends

Few days back I wrote about ” Trends Easily Adapted by People in the City of Ludhiana “. Well thanks to the visitors of for showing such a good response. Today I am going to talk something about the new trends that have not only entered the city of Ludhiana but also shown a good adaptability by the Ludhianvis.  The Fashion industry is evolving at a very high pace due to internationalisation and highly globalised market. The clothes designed in one country, manufactured in [...]

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Aristocrat Gallery – changing geographia of your Personality

February 22, 2012
Aristocrat Garments

Few days back I wrote about “Trends easily adapted by the people of Ludhiana” and how people of Ludhiana spend alot on branded apparels. If we take a glance over the past few years when ludhiana city didn’t have the malls like PVR. Westend mall etc then people of the city used to buy their paraphernalia from the stores opened on the city roads. Aristocrat Gallery is one of those famous stores which are popular among the people and are treated as their favourites when [...]

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Chaura Bazar Stands Apart by its Name (Now it is known as Cchhorra Bazar)

February 8, 2012
Chaura Bazar

Chaura Bazaar, a place where people come for shopping from far off places are facing problem to go through the market. Encroachments on both sides of the road creates a lot of problem for people to pass through the market. Inspite of strict actions taken by Municipal Corporation Ludhiana officials number of times, the roadside encroachments are set back few days after such action is taken by MCL. Believed to be 100 years old, the bazar stands to be apart by its name “Chaura bazar”. [...]

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Shopping freaks in city

February 4, 2012

When we talk about ludhiana the first and foremost thing we talk about is how people of our city spend on shopping. With increase in business prospects since last number of decades, the people of ludhiana have indulged in one business or the other. City of ludhiana is occupied mostly by Business class families. Sindhis, Gujaratis, Marwadis and other who have settled in ludhiana after independence era are really making miracles as far as business platform is concerned. The people are putting a lot of [...]

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