Raksha Bandhan – A Promise of Protection & Care

Every day we come across the pieces of writings where feelings are described for almost each relation ever existed on this earth. But there has not been enough of archives solely dedicated to a heavenly bond which nourishes & get stronger every single day. This bond carries countless memories, sublime emotions & many unexpressed feelings. This sacred bond is the bond between a Brother & a Sister.

A relation which is always near to our heart, we may or may not express it but it the fact remains.

A bond which starts with envy, complains and small fights which turn out be really intense at times
eventually getting replaced with sharing of toys, sharing of food, sharing of many good moments,
sharing of tears & finally sharing a permanent place in each other’s heart.

We, brothers & sisters do a lot of stuff altogether. We speak lies, we help each other in convincing our parents for one another’s sake, we do compromises both small n big, we cry, we laugh, we compare, we fight, we demand, we reject, we care & while doing all this a relation flourishes & get strong with time. A relation where love, care, respect and sentiments, everything is present in abundance.

We are best of the friends because we see every good and bad altogether. We helped each other at the moments when we could not ask anybody else for it, not even our parents. We stand for each other. We support irrespective of the fact we were wrong or right.

We stay together, we stay apart but what remains unchanged in our heart is the respect and love for this beautiful relation. I personally call this relation as noblest of all human relations ever made.

Why are we talking about this bond today is it randomly chosen or something special is behind the
scene. Yes, off course it is.
We have “Raksha Bandhan” coming on the full moon day of August. On 2nd we will celebrate the beauty & love of this bond. If I go by words then “Raksha Bandhan” is called the “Bond of Protection” where the stronger will protect the weaker from all that’s evil.

On this very day a thread dipped in sisterly love & blessings will be tied by sisters on the brothers’ wrist which signifies the lifelong vow of protection taken by brothers. It then is followed by gifts, surprises & sweets.

This is a day of the lovely twosome, celebrating the history of togetherness with a promise of the same throughout their life. Hope you all have made all necessary arrangements for your loving sisters & brothers. I just want to make one request to those viewers who are of such a nature that they never give words their feelings. They keep it deep down in their heart that how much they love their sisters & brothers.

This is the best time to unleash your softer side. Go ahead & show them how much you care, how much you love & how much you miss them in their absence.

Have a happy & blessed “Raksha Bandhan”.

So Ludhianvis do share your feelings for your Sister or Brother in the comment box below :-

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  1. Priti Arora says:

    Awsome article..
    well written, xpressing d hidden emotions of a very sacred relation of brother and sister..
    keep up d gud writing..:)

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