Rajasthani Food Fest in City

Rajasthani food is blend of spicy, colorful and unique dishes. The food of this desert state has been blessed with its unique spices and ingredients like most other areas in the World. The spices like Udaipuri and Mathania are Rajasthans most favored and demanded spices all over the country.

City residents were found licking their fingers in the food fest . The fest started yesterday cherished by residents will last for coming nine days. The best experience is of the staff dressed up in complete attire of Rajasthan with Rajasthani turbans and eye catching dresses.



In Non-veg you can taste Kookere Reshmi Sheek and Maas ke Soley.

After the spicy food, Ghewar and other sweet dishes are also available so that your tastebuds get a shahi feel. 😀

Venue : Indian Restaurant, Lobby Level

Location : Hotel Fortune Klassic, Near Bus Stand, Ludhiana.

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So Ludhianvis, are you joining to check out food at Food Fest :D ? Do share your feedback in the comment box below :-

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