Vivaha – 2012

If you are looking for creative, thoughtful & distinctive lifestyle products, gift ideas or art – M Lifestyle Studio is the store to stop by & explore. The best of art & craft is pooled in from around the world by Team M. The Company’s Mantra – ‘optimal sourcing begins here’ is evident in the ever changing product offers.



With over 25 years of experience in the industry of home décor, M Studio, a subsidiary of Exim International, is slated as the flagship store with an accent on de-stressing through its offerings of casual yet trendy home decor, aromatherapy, games and art. Hobbies & Outdoor Activities such as Barbecue & Epicurean Food are a part of the fragrant and nurturing experience.

Because of its familiarity with the international markets, M Studio has evolved a holistic approach and pays full attention to all the requirements from the initial stages of conception to delivery onto the end customer. Customized service is what differentiates M from others – stop by & indulge to experience it all!

Venue : Kingsville Resort

Location : Kingsville Resort, Bhanour, Ferozepur Road Ludhiana.

Also check details about Fashion in Ludhiana .

So Ludhianvis, are you joining to check out the stuff at Vivaha 2012 ? Do share your feedback in the comment box below :-

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