Ludhiana goes ‘Gangnam’ – Funny Parody Made by PCTE Students

Since the last few weeks, you must have noticed your facebook friends sharing “Gangnam Style” video on their walls – this single is indeed the latest “Kolaveri Di” kind of a hit which Indian audience have come across.

There are a lot of Gangnam Style parodies making rounds around the internet and here is the latest one which is brought to you by “Ludhianvis.

Ludhianvi Gangnam Style

A group of students from PCTE, Ludhiana have produced a local version of the superhit single “Gangnam Style” by South Korean pop rapper Park Jae-sang, known as PSY. This Ludhianvi Gangnam Style also features the internationally recognized Bhangra ;).

Directed & Edited by Roberto Arrucha – Advertisment & Business Innovation Professor at PCTE, this one is rather a funny adaptation of the hit song and it is sure to bring smiles on your face!

Titled ” Gangnam Style – The Best Indian Parody” this video is indeed one of the best parodies out there, and also one of the few Indian parodies of this song made so far.

It did make me laugh with the funny take on this viral superhit song đŸ™‚

Check out for yourselves!

If you have been in the caves till now and have just come out to find about this viral video asking “What is this Gangnam Style, yaar?”, don’t worry! Check out the official ‘Gangnam Style’ video below:

What are your views about this video? Do let us know in the comments below.

Also, if you like this video parody of “Gangnam Style,” do share it with your friends to encourage this initiative and as an appreciation of bringing smiles on our faces!


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