Chaura Bazar All Times Favourite

In recent past, number of shopping centres have come up in the city. New brands, Fashion Designers, Malls, Shopping Complex and many other places to shop in the city. Inspite of all this, Chaura Bazar is still all times favourite as it suits wide range of customers’ customised demand. One can go for cheapest products and also select good quality products of very high range.

The customers have the same perception since number of years that the cost of products in Malls is twice the cost of products in Chaura Bazar.

Chaura Bazar Ludhiana


Chaura bazar has a “Pindi Street“, one of the largest Drugs market in Punjab.

The most attractive market in Bazar is wholesale Hosiery market known by name purana bazar, where transactions worth Rs lakhs take place in a single day.

It has number of famous eating places like Khushi Ram, Sita Ram, Pandit De Paranthe, Dalipa Puri, Chandu Halwaai and many others.

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