Kabaddi – Heritage of Punjab

Kabaddi, a sport of Asian origin was started about 4000 years ago for men and women. This sport is heartily fancied by men worldwide, yet rarely played sport among youth of today.

In order to toughen the minds of his followers, Guru Hargobindji started this sport.

Now a days, Kabaddi is played in many territories and cities of India.

Important milestones in the history of Kabaddi :-

1936: Match played at Berlin Olympics, Kabaddi became recognised by masses.

1950’s: Rules for Kabaddi formalised.

1972: Kabaddi wasre-launched to take sport out of villages and to cities.

1990: Part of Asian Games at Beijing.

2010: Pearls Kabaddi World Cup – Punjab

2011: Kabaddi World Cup 2011

2012: 3rd World Cup Kabaddi 2012

For India VS Pakistan Match details check out the following link Kabaddi

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