Car Lovers in the City of Ludhiana

If Kolkata is ‘city of joy’, Lucknow is ‘city of nawabs’ and Varanasi is ‘city of Temples’ our Indian Manchester ‘Ludhiana’ should be termed as ‘city of cars’.

Ludhianvis are not just ordinary car lovers but are insane about cars. Ludhiana is one of the cities with maximum number luxury of cars leaving behind cities like Bangalore and Hyderabad . Gone are the days when people used to buy cars as just medium of transport now they buy luxury cars as a status symbol.




Ludhiana not only has large number of cars but exotic cars also. Even small kids talk about BMW and Audi. Ludhiana in recent past has turned out to profit zone for automobile Industry. One could notice growth in number of BMW, AUDI or Jaguar over the past years. Definitely growth in expensive cars has increased to the fullest which is a good sign for auto industry and also it gives idea of increase in number of car lovers. 

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Owning an exotic car is now not just an ordinary task for Ludhianvis but it’s now a status symbol. People of Ludhiana are no where behind in getting fancy numbers for their cars even when it costs more than the price of many other cars. Auctioning of fancy car numbers fetches big bucks for District Transport Department of our region.

People of Ludhiana believe in ‘Living life King size’

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