Today the Sikhs across the globe are celebrating 347th birthday of tenth guru – Guru Gobind Singh ji. Though we celebrate gurpurab according to Indian calendar but actual date of birth of Guru Gobind Singh is December 22, 1666.

Guru ji was born at Patna, Bihar to Guru Tegh Bahadur ji (ninth guru of Sikhs) and Mata Gujri ji. He was a great poet, philosopher and a warrior. He had four children Baba Ajit Singh, Baba Jujhar Singh, Baba Zorawar Singh and Baba Fateh Singh.


Guru ji is known as father khalsa. He gave name to all the baptized Sikhs as Khalsa. Khalsa was born on April 13, 1699 at Sri Anandpur Sahib. Then he formed Khalsa and first five baptized Sikhs were called ‘Panj Piare.’ He is also known as ‘Sarbans Dani’ as he sacrificed his entire family for sake of humanity. His contribution to mankind can never be explained in few words.


Gurudwara Degsar Sahib ( Katana Sahib ), Doraha.


Guru Ji infused the spirit of both saint and soldier in the minds and hearts of his followers to fight oppression in order to restore justice and peace and to uplift the down-trodden people in this world.

Let us today celebrate the birthday of this great legend by bowing our heads in Gurudwara.

Waaho Waaho Gobind Singhh aape Gur Chelaa …

Har sachay Takhat rachaaiya, sat sangat maylaa…

Wish you all very HAPPY GURPURABH.

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