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Republic day is not a mere holiday or one of the national holidays, it’s a day to celebrate our rights. After India’s independence in 1947, the constitution of India was made and was adopted on 26 January, 1950 and since then every 26 January is celebrated as republic day.

On Republic day, President of India hoists flag and parade takes place at Rajpath, New Delhi.

Major celebrations take place in New Delhi where President hoists flag. Also in different states celebrations take place.



In our city Ludhiana, in almost every school, college and other Govt institutions Republic day is celebrated. Republic day functions have become part of cultural activity in our society. Not only schools, many other places republic day is celebrated.

The hypercity located in MBD mall has put special republic day sale for three days (25 to 27Jan).

Republic day celebrations took place at Government College for boys where a total of 28 schools participated in parade full dress rehearsa and  National flag was hoisted and parade took place . A complete state level function was held where tri cycles to handicapped people and sewing machines to needy women were distributed.

Happy Republic Day

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