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Ludhiana is a business hub of North India. It is also termed as economic capital of Punjab. Business in Ludhiana is growing day by day. There might be recession in America but for Ludhiana business is having steady growth as against economy of our country. There are many major industries namely hosiery, auto parts and cycle parts. Ludhianas products are not only sold in India but also maximum of the manufacturing players are exporting their products to other nations as well. Ours is the city which participates in best exhibitions all over the world.



Hosiery Industry of Ludhiana is one of the biggest in the entire nation. Ludhiana woolens are worn in many countries. There are many big companies of Ludhiana which contribute to the overall economy of the country at a big scale. Companies like ‘Vardhman’ a major wool manufacturing
company is having its manufacturing unit in Ludhiana, other players like Trident, Saluja, Venus, Duke and other large players have their units here.

Can also check malls in Ludhiana 

If we say Ludhiana is Textile hub of India, we may not be wrong. Ludhiana made scarves were sent to United Kingdom at time of Prince William’s wedding with Kate Middleton. If ‘Royal Wedding’ can have Ludhiana made products than who can doubt on Ludhiana clothing Industry. Also there are many other clothing line manufacturer and sellers. Some popular women wear shops include Nilibar, Kala Mandir, Saluja etc. These shops are famous across country. They are backbone of city’s economy.

Apart from hosiery industry, Ludhiana also has other big giants like Hero group. Hero Cycles is one big company of Ludhiana. Companies like ‘Hero’, ‘Avon’ are famous globally and cycle Industry of country also depends upon our city. Cycle parts, auto parts Industry of Ludhiana has big role in economy of city which further helps in development of city. Companies like ‘GS Autos’ have their client base in major International markets. Apart from these there are companies like ‘Trident group’ which has their presence in many fields namely Textiles, yarn, paper, IT and chemicals etc. Also food chains like ‘Basant’ which sells ice creams in many other states and cities are contributers of Ludhianas success. These companies have played important role for present Ludhiana.

hope along with these many other companies rise and make our city stand different from world.

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