Slums in the city – Good or Bad ?

With cherishing richness of heritage and pride of history, Ludhiana a city of business people is prospering at a high pace.

On the one hand according to a research conducted by, ludhiana is ranked amongst top 10 wealthiest cities of India, on the other hand the rich are becoming richer and poor are getting below poverty line.

‘Slums’are basically the areas inhabited by the  people who are not able to fulfill the basic necessities of life and not able to have even two meals a day. These people are dwellers who don’t have permanent and well maintained structures to live under. These areas lack basic facilities like clean water, sanitation, electricity and a proper drainage system.

Slums Ludhiana

Slums Ludhiana

Slum people are usually poor unemployed people. A number of social problems are created by these people like increase in number of crimes, drug addiction, alcoholism, mental illness. With increase in number of slum areas, the criminal activites have given a hike over a period of time.

Many slum people indulge themselves in illegal activities like street vending of drugs, selling impure products and other criminal activities. Even some people recycle different products (from garbage) and sell those at a cheaper rates to high end shopkeepers.

The people who are totally unemployed thus use unfair means to gather resources to feed their empty stomach. Slum areas in Ludhiana have been increasing over a period of time.

The Government of Punjab must :-

* Frame the policies to help the people living in slum areas and provide employment to these people.

*Provide them opportunities for earning their livelihood.

* Implement policies by rehabilitating them and by building schools, clinics etc.  for these people so that they can have good future and can feed their family.

Do give your feedback and suggestions in this regard !!!

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  1. gunjan says:

    youth should also come forward and should start a campaign………..

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