A Vegetarian Eating Joint in Ludhiana – WAH Ji WAH

Ludhiana is a famous place for eating Joints ranging from veg to non- veg. Bansi da Dhaba next to Colonel’s Cabin famous for its Chilli paneer and Dal Makhini, Baba Chicken for its Tandoori Chicken, Malhar road Basant and various other places.

Here comes a new eating place which serves 100% vegetarian items.

While on hunt for food with my friends ( as usual ;p ), I came across this small place which was heavily surrounded by people. Reading its name Wah Ji Wah I also parked my vehicle and went to check out the place.

On recommendation by the owner, I tried Afghani Chaamp which was outstandingly delicious. This place is next to Ishmeet Singh Chowk, adjoining Bawa Chicken.

Licking out my fingers after having Afghani Chaamp, could not stop myself and had Paneer Tikaa also :-).

Do give your feedback when you visit this place.

(Disclaimer :- This post is not a paid post, its on discretion of the Editor. )

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