Ludhiana Gedi Route # 3

Few days back I wrote about “Ludhiana Gedi Route #2” and talked about schooldays. Well, thanks to the amazing response by oyeludhiana fans.

Gedi Route

Gedi Route

Gone are the days, when we use to chit chat with friends in school for long hours and still a lot of energy to keep on chitter chat with each other.

When it comes to few blur memories like going to classes in Long lines. ( Can’t even think of it ). But YES we did :-p

But now when it comes to GEDI, I feel like a bird who is going to fly for the first time in its life.

When I was on my first gedi, I was very excited and also astonished to see the never endings roads of ludhiana city

Ludhiana Gedi Routes #3

From circuit house —> Then towards left to 3no. gate where the printout hub is —> Then via pau to 2 no. gate infront of girls hostel –> And library –> And then again to circuit house …. Creating a LOOP of eye candy.

It is one of the unrealised Gedi Route…

Do give your feedback if you really like this Gedi Route.

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