Fashion and You with changing Time

Fashion Trends

Fashion Trends

Few days back I wrote about ” Trends Easily Adapted by People in the City of Ludhiana “. Well thanks to the visitors of for showing such a good response.

Today I am going to talk something about the new trends that have not only entered the city of Ludhiana but also shown a good adaptability by the Ludhianvis. 

The Fashion industry is evolving at a very high pace due to internationalisation and highly globalised market. The clothes designed in one country, manufactured in another and at the end sold world wide. ( Oops its fact )

An important part of boost in Fashion industry is because of Media, fashion shows and dresses worn by super models in serials like ” Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thiii ” ,  ” Jhaansi Ki Raani “, ” Meri Amma” and many more .

Talking about Urban Wear in cities like Ludhiana, broad set of Clothing and Accessories have evolved over a period of time. Various type of clothing include shoes, lower jeans, accessories and classic shirts. One noticable thing about these clothes is various type of brands which provide these ultimate out wears and its pricing depends on how weel they promote their brand… :-p

Because of coming fashion trends, Formal wear is getting replaced with stylish jeans, cool T – shirts and other trendy accessories.

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