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Ludhiana has looked upto metropolitan trends and is upcoming as a renowned fashion hub not only in State but also North india. Chandigarh which is considered trendy UT, Ludhiana is giving neck to neck competition to Chandigarh and neighboring places also.

If we look behind few years back, people use to go to city shops and famous spot among them was Chaura Bazar, Maujpura Bazar, Gurh Mandi etc. whereas nowadays the trend is changing and Ludhianvis are going mad for brands “Kadey Gucci Kadey Prada” :p

No doubt Ludhiana market is growing day by day and brands like GUCCI, DIESEL, NIKE, REEBOK, VASARI, MADAME, GLOBUS are stepping in and getting very good response from the market of ludhiana.

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OyeLudhiana fashion

The retailers are happy to do business in this part of Punjab .

” The people of Ludhiana are ready to pay for the Quality “. An increasing number of fashion designers are opening stores in the city. The people have realised the value of their product that exists in our city and are trying their best to tap the cash-rich Ludhiana market.

The brands like Ritu Kumar, Vasari, Dewan Sahib and others are loved by people of Ludhiana.

A number of brands which ventured into Ludhiana market have seen tremendous returns in very short time.

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