Demand for cinema – Sec32, Chandigarh Road

Science has given a gift to the people that is entertainment through cinemas. Out of busy and hectic schedule one could easily enjoy his/her time by spending time in cinema with dear ones. It is a valuable source of entertainment for us with a blend of music and HD quality movies.

Cinema is not only a source of entertainment but teaches us a moral lesson at times, it depends upon individual to individual how we take it.

There are more than twenty cinemas in the city with classic brands like Waves, PVR, SRS cinemas, Orient cinemas etc.

Cinema Hall

Cinema Hall

Inspite of a huge demand for movies through out the week but few places in the city feel a lack of nearness to Cinemas. One of the part as suggested by few followers of is area next to Sec-32, Chandigarh Road, Ludhiana.

Dilawar Singh, manager at Pizza Hut suggested that this part of the city is yet to be explored and many people drop out their plan for movies as Cinemas are far away from this place. It would be a better opportunity for a brand to plan to set up a cinema nearby this place as it would attract a different customer base and would add on to their business.

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