Start your day with Cool Breeze

Going out for a walk as the “Early Birds” before the start of the day or after winding up the whole day’s work in the evening, is such a refreshing thought.

Whenever we plan to go out for a walk, we try to find a garden for walk but can you name a place which is not a garden but still an appropriate place to stroll .

Yes, I am talking about PAU ( Punjab Agricultural University ), Ludhiana. Great crowd can be seen there walking, jogging or running at their own pace.

The most common place where you can find many people walking is the road facing the playground  near Thapar Hall. Mixed crowd come here to serve their purpose right from the kids, youngsters, middle aged to the old ones and obviously the health conscious people.

Many youngsters can be seen there playing Football, basketball and other sports and channelizing their energies in the right direction.
Generally, girls and ladies ( who want to look like girls :p ) are seen there jogging at the full speed and burning their fats. It is really a good place without any limitation as to the area and is surrounded by the greenery all around.
So, what are you looking for ??? If you also wanna go there , you can do so without much a do. All you have to do is to get an entry pass by paying a nominal fee.
So keep yourself fit and do share your experience with us………

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