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Whenever any national or international restaurant chain wants to make its presence in the state of punjab, it finds  ludhiana city as most suitable option and also the most lucrative one. Ludhianvis are always ready to feed their taste buds with different varieties of mouth watering dishes.

Nando’s, a well known international restaurant chain has now inaugurated its restaurant in ludhiana. Nando’s originated in 1987 in South Africa with portuguese theme. It has presence across 5 continents, 34 countries with near about 1000 restaurants.

Nandos had opened its first restaurant in Punjab in the city of chandigarh in 2010 and the 2nd one in our very own city Ludhiana in 2012, which is 3rd in the country. This clearly indicates that Ludhiana is flooded with business opportunities to start such restaurants.

To check out this new place, I planned to dine at this wonderful restaurant with my friends.

The restaurant is situated in the Sarabha Nagar main market, this restaurant is very gracefully designed giving it a lavish look. It was already full with so many people enjoying their favorite dishes. After looking all around we also got a table and soon became the part of that crowd.

The restaurant is a Casual Dining and Quality Service Restaurant(QSR). The speciality of this restaurant is its ‘PERI- PERI CHICKEN’. I just glanced at the menu which read Flame Grilled peri peri chicken  available with the different options of chicken dressing like:

  • Extra Peri Peri Hot
  • Hot Peri Peri
  • Mild Peri Peri
  • Lemon and Herbs

While for vegetarians salads, appetizers, burgers and wraps were the options. Its peri peri sause is very famous.

Could not wait for long after reading the interesting menu, we ordered Peri Peri Chicken with hot Peri Peri dressing and peri peri sauce. We also ordered coke nd mocktail . Because of the crowd , we had to wait for our order. We were becoming bit impatient beacause of the delay but when we got our dishes, we just jumped on it. The chicken was so juicy and spicy as never tasted before. we were so lost in its taste that we forgot we had to wait for so long.

As per feedback by the customers the following rating may be given:
Food: 4.8/5            Ambience : 5/5        Service : 4.5/5

Do share your feedback whenever you get a chance to visit this place .

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