E – Studio International bridging the gap

E –Studio International – Bringing Forward not only the Art, Sculptures , Collectibles but also the legacy involved in them to the collectors, connoisseurs & art enthusiasts.

This is the place which can take the breaths away of the collectors, connoisseurs & art enthusiasts in Ludhiana. Access to it is very easy as it is located on 2nd floor of MBD- Neopolis Mall on Ferozpur Road.

This particular Company store offers the art enthusiasts a lifetime experience to witness things which not only carry the beauty but also the legacy attached with them. You will find impressive Collectibles & Limited Editions in different categories.

The company began its operations in Feb, 2002 with a single thought & vision of connecting rare & meaningful art to collectors, connoisseurs & art enthusiasts with a constant determination of bringing forward the blissful forms of Art, Sculptures & Collectibles to living spaces.

The aesthetic beauty of these collectibles can be tasted by a quick look at the store. In a small place, how artistically they are showcased is really praiseworthy.

Some of the collections that E-Studio International brings here in our own city are; The Arsenal – Historical Guns & Swords Replica form different cultures and countries designed exclusively for the ‘Gun Lovers’ like me. 🙂

De-Grande’ – 92.5 % sterling silver collection is truly something which can touch the heart of an art enthusiast on first look. Then comes the voyage collection which offers museum quality ship models & scale models of historical locomotives. Time-Mechanical clocks are offered with original German Cuckoo style.

Here comes something really special for those who love to possess ‘Limited Editions’ in their dream houses. E-Studio International offers Limited Editions on Indian Deity’s crafted in 92.5% sterling silver. ‘Shri Krishan Leela’ a piece from limited edition series which have only 500 pieces worldwide, is showcased in Ludhiana Store at MBD-Neopolis.

Sand Stone Collection is another form which is basically the print of old Master Piece Paintings designed on sand stones. Ebano (Bronze Sculptures) is yet another ‘Limited Edition’ series offering sculptures in different sizes.

So this was a brief description of the beauty offered at E-Studio International, glimpses of which are still crystal clear in my eyes. I recommend art enthusiasts a visit to this aesthetic place in our own city; believe me it will be worth it.

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