Mocha – Coffees and Converations, Malhar Road Ludhiana

Ludhianvis are always on hunt for a ‘different’ place – different in terms of food, ambience of the place, a unique way of presentation – when they plan to spend some quality time with their loved ones.

Even today’s youth is bit outrageous in terms of entertainment and exploring out new places every now and then.

Mocha - Sarabha Nagar Ludhiana

I remember my secondary school days when we used to hang out a lot with our friends. Everytime a new question used to come up in our minds ” Which place this time??”

So Ludhianvis, a good news for you this time as a new brand outlet has been launched in Ludhiana for you to have some coffees and conversations. 😉

I am talking about “Mocha – Coffees and Conversations” which is famous for its different variety of coffees. It offers 18 different gourmet coffee beans. Mocha is easily accessible – located at Malhar Road.

If you are not known to the concept of “Mocha”, here is what their website says:

A visit to Mocha is more of an experience. It’s beyond just sipping coffee and delectable bites. It’s about taking time to savour the finer things in life. That’s why we’ve taken the time to select the finest coffees from all over the world for you. Not just a single type or blend. You can choose your flavour of freshly roasted and ground American, African or Indian coffee. Enjoy our fruit-flavoured sheeshas from Egypt. Savour our gourmet desserts or take a sip of our absolutely divine shakes.

It’s about feeling good and surrounding yourself with everything that feels good. And if you like it, why not take it home? You can buy almost everything you see in Mocha and bring home the Mocha lifestyle. So if it’s a coffee, a sheesha or even a chair that strikes your fancy, tell us. We’ll wrap it right up for you.

That’s the planet of Mocha . A coffee shop for the soul. A journey of experiences. A warm corner of flavours and aromas that fills everyone who leaves with a single parting gift.

Mocha at Ludhiana (Malhar Road)

Mocha, Ludhiana – Ambience

At Mocha, the overall experience is really very different, the shakes, Coffee, tea, mocktails, desserts, coolers really make you feel good. I planned to hang out with my school friends and luckily we finalized Mocha as the venue for our treat. The Mocha is situated next to Basant, Malhar Road.

I tried some drink and the best drink which i liked was cool berry drink with crushed ice all around in the jar.

Mocha at Ludhiana (Malhar Road)

The interiors of the place are really very impressive and have got a very different and unique look. You will definitely love the place. The presentation of this place is so impressive that once you enter this place you feel very special because of the ambience and wouldn’t feel like leaving the place for long.

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Where is “Mocha” Located?

Mocha – Coffees and Conversations
27 F/28F, Malhar Road,
Sarabha Nagar, Ludhiana (Punjab)

Warm Welcome by Mocha – Malhar Road, Ludhiana:

Mocha - Malhar Road

So friends do share your feedback whenever you get a chance to visit this place .

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