‘The Dark Knight’ Movie Review

The dark knight, directed by Christopher Nolan ( co-writer ) is all set to hit the box office. The story line seems to be very creative with perfect cast.

The story was co-written by David S. Goyer after the story was developed by Nolan and his brother Jonathan into a screenplay. The movie is based on fantastic great ideas. It is always tricky to catch the minds of the audience, presenting the whole ideas in a compact and presentful manner, I think, “Nolan did it”.

The Dark Knight Movie


The movie keeps you engaged in the dark thriller punches and one set his eyes on the screen all through the entire run of 2 hours 45 minutes. The story line is very creative and memorable. It is really a good action movie I have ever seen.

'The Dark Knight'

‘The Dark Knight’


The Story

There arises a problem of crime in the Gotham city and Hary Dent who undwertakes to eradicate crime from the city, due to some circumstances, Hary loses his life in the hands of Batman. With a twist in the story there comes a bad picture of noticeable crime degrading societal trends injected by Bane.

On the other hand Batman has to save the city and get rid of the guilt of killing Hary Dent.

The character of Bane, played by Tom Hardy is really applaudable to look out for in the movie. He plays his character in the best of his energy and ensures well that viewers really tighten up their seat belts.

Overall the movie is good and you can go for it for full entertainment and masala.

Rating: 4.6/5

So, are you planning to go for ‘The Dark Knight’ ? Do share your reviews in the comment box below.

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