Book Café – Saraba Nagar Market

BuLudhiana has a mixed crowd,  some are fun loving, some love to hang out, others are food Lovers etc etc. Amongst all there is a chunk of population who really are great book lovers and love reading books whether it be a novel, life history, motivational books, fictional, non – fiction.

There is a good news for book lovers, may be a few of them have not come across the Book Café which is located in main Kipps Market, Saraba Nagar. So I thought to help out those Book Lovers 🙂

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The Book Café is a part of The English Book depot, Dehradun. The EBD has 48 book stores ( 2009 ) owned and operated by EBD Cafe Pvt Ltd.

You want to get books for Cooking, Novels, Management Books, Biography, hot selling books you can have a visit to Book Café. Disappointed book lovers cheer up and have a visit to this place.

Gaurav Sharma said that, “There is no other place in Ludhiana with such ambience and comfortable feel where one can choose the best selection and enjoy his world of imaginations”.

So Ludhianvis do share your experience whenever you get a chance to visit this place.
Book Café Address:
21-C, Saraba Nagar, Main Market, 
Ludhiana – 141 001 
Phone: 0161 5024216

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