Ludhiana Gedi Route #1

Dressed in the school uniform with the shirt half tucked in the trousers, fighting for the window seat in the school van & looking out of the window at the bikes running on the roads with constant thoughts in my mind that when will I come out of this boring school life and will have a bike of my own to loaf on the streets of Ludhiana.

Finally, the day came and I completed my schooling. Haaaa…that was the day of great relief for me. It was the time to transform my dreams into reality.

The first step was to give myEnfielda Rambo look which I successfully did and the next was to find a company for gedis…… I didn’t have to put much efforts for that … ( as the boys are always ready for such stupid things)

Now it is usual for us to go on gedis atleast twice a week………lets talk about our gedi routes….starting from The Gol market of Model town , GNIMT college to Khalsa College for Girls on College Road and the Government College for Women is the main route of our gedis……

Boys usually love the thrill of speed….but when it comes to gedis the speed is 20 – 30 kmph :-p

Ludhiana Gedi Routes #1

Model Town Gole Market —> GNIMT College —> Sarabha Nagar Convent —> Sarabha Nagar Market —> Model Town Extension —> Back to Model Town Gole Market.

We hope that you liked this Geri Route which is the first of our Ludhiana Gedi Route Series. Stay tuned for more…! Which is the gedi route that you follow in Ludhiana. Do let us know and if we like it, we will feature it in our Gedi Route Series.

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