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OyeLudhiana.com is a place you would find all the information about the beautiful city, Ludhiana – the fastest growing and most happening city of Punjab.

While browsing the internet, we noticed that there is not a single blog which is focused on the latest in Ludhiana. As an internet freak and a citizen of Ludhiana, which is a business hub for various kinds of industries, I would expect a place which keeps me informed of the latest happenings in the city which includes the updates about the latest offers available in stores, information about the best places to eat, information about the release of latest movies and any news that keeps me informed about any hot topics in my city. We felt the need of such a place and that is what OyeLudhiana is all about.

Here, we will be writing about all the above mentioned topics which will all be made available under the same roof “OyeLudhiana.com”

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