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Gedi Route # 5 Warm Welcome To Winters

Few days back, I wrote about “Ludhiana Gedi Route #4” which got an amazing response by the OyeLudhiana fans. You can check here for more gedi routes in our Ludhiana Gedi Route Series.   Sweating, Heat, Ice water frankly speaking,...

Ludhiana Gedi Route # 2 0

Ludhiana Gedi Route # 2

Few days back I wrote about “Ludhiana Gedi Route #1” and talked about early school days. Well, thanks to the amazing response by oyeludhiana fans. Yesterday (Sunday), while polishing my enfield and getting ready...


Ludhiana Gedi Route #1

Dressed in the school uniform with the shirt half tucked in the trousers, fighting for the window seat in the school van & looking out of the window at the bikes running on the...